The Plastic Brain

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As Ned Flanders would say: 


Oh, That’s A Noodle-scratcher.

I must admit defeat. Though I followed all the reasoning, I couldn’t find the flaw.

I had to look it up on, of all places, Wikipedia.

Answer and link below the quote….

“Via scienceisbeauty:

This problem! From Calculus By Michael Spivak we suffer on first course. I’ve used it many times and few people are right, even people of sciences. Though I suppose this will be very  easy for many of you. For others don’t, of course. That is the funny.

Clue: two is not one, definitely. You all know it!”

The flaw arises when moving from line 3 to 4, ie divide by (x-y).

Can’t be done, because if x=y then that’s the same as dividing by zero, which is a big no-no.


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Biopunk Manifesto: Citizen Science on synthesised-in-the-shed steroids.


A Biopunk Manifesto Category: #diybiology #biopunk by Meredith Patterson


Year: 2011


Description: Scientific literacy is necessary for a functioning society in the modern age. Scientific literacy is not science education. A person educated in science can understand science; a scientifically literate person can *do* science. Scientific literacy empowers everyone who possesses it to be active contributors to their own health care, the quality of their food, water, and air, their very interactions with their own bodies and the complex world around them.

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Watch spiral galaxies form in your browser.

(Via @ProfessorFunk)

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I just finished my first 5-week placement as a (preservice) Maths teacher.

This beautifully illustrates the way things are.

For the record – I celebrate the creative day-dreamers – but not the time wasters.

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Shining a torch on a wall is a good way to see the conic sections in real life. Can you spot a circle, the ellipses, a parabola and the hyperbolas? [code] [more]



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“Endless forms most beautiful”

Via jsacc001

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