The Plastic Brain

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Last week, I set my Year 11 Scientific Studies class the task of analysing the composition of a rock on Mars. Yesterday, they succeeded.

The video is my quick documentation of the processes. A pair of the students have the task of doing a more complete and thorough job, which I will hopefully post here in the future…

I was a great way to end my final school placement. Now I just have a few weeks of my course to finish, then a long break before starting teaching for real in January.

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Why don’t whales get the bends?



Naked Science Scrapbook – Why don’t whales get the bends, when divers can?

If a diver surfaces too quickly after a dive, they can get the bends, or decompression sickness, causing excruciating pain and sometimes even death. In this Naked Science Scrapbook, find out what causes the bends, why human divers can get it and why (usually) whales don’t …

“Questions I have never asked but now must know the answer to”

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This is still one of the best forms of free entertainment there is.

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