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Maths puzzle

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I came across a version of this puzzle in a book (yes, I read maths books) that was so poorly adapted to a “real-life” situation, that I had to try rewriting it.

Hope it is better now…


Adam, Belinda, Callum, Dorothy, Edward and Felicity are friends. They have been learning to SCUBA dive, and need to complete their  training before heading off on holiday tomorrow.

The dive school is open today from 10am until 4pm, and each of them needs four more hours of dive time to complete the training course.

Unfortunately, the dive school only has four spare tanks that they can use.

Everyone was meant to be ready to go at 10am, but unfortunately Callum is late, and arrives at 11:15am

Edward and Dorothy need to leave early at 2:30pm.

Nonetheless, everyone manages to do their required four hours. How do they do it?


Author: Rogan Tinsley

Biology, science and maths teacher with a PhD in Neuroscience and passion for education.

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