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Last night I thought I might check out the Orionid meteor shower. I was a bit late, and a bit early.

Late, because the best views occurred a couple of days ago, and early, because Orion had not yet risen. While waiting, I thought I’d turn my “toy” telescope (D=50mm, F=600mm) to a bright object near by. I had previously used it to check out the Moon, but didn’t think it would be any good with a planet or star. I assumed that the bright blurry dot would simply become a larger bright blurry dot. So I was astonished to not only see a focussed orb, but it had features and moons! I couldn’t believe it, but I was pretty sure it was Jupiter. I did a quick word-art sketch (pictured) and confirmed Jupiter’s position using SolarSystemScope. Finally, this morning I searched Jovian System on Google Image and found the final photo in the series, which looked a bit like my sketch.

So, all confirmed. I saw Jupiter and three of its moons. Amazing. Now, how do I get my hands on a bigger telescope?

Author: Rogan Tinsley

Biology, science and maths teacher with a PhD in Neuroscience and passion for education.

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