The Plastic Brain

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Electronica meets Plato.

As a fan of Plato’s Theory of Forms, and of kickin’ bass, I can’t help loving this. [For the kiddies out there, there is a language warning on this clip].

Check the lyrics, and a decent interpretation, here.

And, who this this guy anyway? I’ll leave that up to Beat Magazine.

Some wunderkind lovechild of Grimes and Skrillex, defining the next wave in DIY dance/rock fusion, Robert Delong is a Seattle-born man child who makes music using – I shit you not – Wii remotes and Sega Genesis controllers. With these scraps of plastic and metal, plus drum pads, synths and MIDI interfaces, he crafts big, soupy bass beats and warped, spine-scraping accents; hunks of fun time electro to make you stamp your feet, met with epic, heartfelt vocals. His voice – a barely-broken, bright-eyed thing – is almost Ben Gibbard-esque in its self-aware sincerity. Excellent.” BEAT

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I made a robot bladder for school to demonstrate control systems and feedback loops. This is a video of an early prototype. It is now up to version 3.0 (sounds included!),and ready to roll for tomorrow’s school open night.

Examining the effect of leg shape on the movement of robots through various terrains.


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Egad! That looks bad!…but…what’s the comparison with boys? And what about the last SIXTY years?


The rapid decline in girls’ enrollment in science, technology, engineering, and math classes – and how to fix it.

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