The Plastic Brain


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As an Educator

2013 Contributing author with Peter Smythe. Mathematics HL and SL (with options), IB Text Book, Mathematics Publishing, South Australia. (link)
2011 Science columnist and illustrator for On Dit newspaper, Vol 79 (Issues 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11), Adelaide University.On Dit Issue 79 – CoverOn Dit Issue 79_2

On Dit Issue 79_4

On Dit Issue 79_6

On Dit Issue 79_8

On Dit Issue 79_11

As a Research Scientist

2011 RB Tinsley, K Kotschet, H Ng, H M Prince, S Peinert, H Quach, MH Horne, G Shaw, P Nagley, MK Horne. Plasma a-synuclein level is correlated with the risk and clinical phenotype of Parkinson’s disease. Under review, Brain.
2010 RB Tinsley, K Kotschet, D Modesto, H Ng, Y Wang, G Shaw, P Nagley, MK Horne (2010). Sensitive and specific detection of α-synuclein in human plasma. Journal of Neuroscience Research 88(12) 2693-2700. Abstract
2009 J Faijerson, A Thorsell, J Strandberg, E Hanse, M Sandberg, PS Eriksson and RB Tinsley*. Adult neural stem/progenitor cells reduce NMDA-induced excitotoxicity, via the novel neuroprotective peptide pentinin. Journal of Neurochemistry. 109(3): 858-866. *Senior corresponding author. Abstract
2009 RB Tinsley, C Bye, A Tziotis-Vais, CL Parish, S George, JG Culvenor, QX Li, CL Masters, DI Finkelstein, MK Horne. Dopamine D2 Receptor Knockout Mice Develop Features of Parkinson’s Disease. Annals of Neurology 66(4): 472-484. Abstract
2006 RB Tinsley, J Faijerson and PS Eriksson. Efficient non-viral transfection of adult neural stem/progenitor cells, without affecting viability, proliferation or differentiation. Journal of Gene Medicine. 8(1): 72-81. Abstract
2006 RB Tinsley, S-H Zhang, S-Q Feng, RA Rush and IA Ferguson. Use of engineered peripheral nerve autografts for spinal cord repair. Neuroreport. 17(3):261-5. Abstract
2006 S Barati, PR Hurtado, SH Zhang, RB Tinsley, IA Ferguson and RA Rush. GDNF gene delivery via the p75(NTR) receptor rescues injured motor neurons. Experimental Neurology. 202: 179-188. Abstract
2006 J Faijerson, RB Tinsley, K Aprico, A Thorsell, C Nodin, M Nilsson, F Blomstrand and PS Eriksson. Reactive astrogliosis induces astrocytic differentiation of adult neural stem/progenitor cells in vitro. Journal of Neuroscience Research. 84(7): 1415-1424. (Featured on journal cover). Abstract
2004 RB Tinsley, MJ Vesey, S Barati, RA Rush and IA Ferguson. Improved non-viral transfection of glial and adult neural stem cell lines and of primary astrocytes by combining agents with complementary modes of action. Journal of Gene Medicine 6(9): 1023-1032. Abstract
2004 RB Tinsley, PS Eriksson. Use of gene therapy in central nervous system repair. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica. 109(1): 1-8. Abstract

Twenty published conference abstracts.

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