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Should you ever wonder why it was called La Belle Époque, please refer to the above picture.

Via tamburina:

The first air show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. September 30th, 1909. Photographed in Autochrome Lumière by Léon Gimpel.

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Science, design and a nice cup of tea. Simply Heaven.

Via ianbrooks:

Tea Chemistry Set by Art Lebedev

Adorned with a traditional Gzhel pattern, this ceramic chemistry set has been repurposed as a Russian tea set. The best kind of science is the type you can drink.

(via: yankodesign)

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The secret of creation lies in the waveDiagrams and paintings by “outsider scientific-mystic” Walter Russell

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Magritte’s original truly wasn’t a pipe. It was a painting of a pipe.

But this actually is a tie.

Does that mean that this tie is dumb? If you interpret Ceci n’est pas une pipe as I did in one of my first posts, the answer would be yes.


However, since the tie is labelled as dadaist, the counter-factual statement does its job of poking its tongue out to logic, and, especially in the form of a tie, to the establishment in general.

Am I reading too much into this? Maybe.

Would I wear the tie? Definitely.

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