The Plastic Brain

My article on RNA, the Queen of Molecular Biology, is out.

MOTHE.R NA.TURE – On Dit – Issue 6!


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‘Good cholesterol’ structure identified, could help explain protective effects

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This is the first sketch of the DNA double helix, drawn by Francis Crick. Read the article here

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This two page teaser is what this blog would look like if I ever turned it into a real-world ‘zine.

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Animal photosynthesis pops up again!

Remember my post back in October about photosynthesis in Salamanders?

Now insects are getting in on the game. To be precise, hornets.

They use pigments to generate energy, viz:

“Xanthopterin works as a light harvesting molecule transforming light into electrical energy.”

…I wonder if you could put it in a solar cell?