The Plastic Brain

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Electronica meets Plato.

As a fan of Plato’s Theory of Forms, and of kickin’ bass, I can’t help loving this. [For the kiddies out there, there is a language warning on this clip].

Check the lyrics, and a decent interpretation, here.

And, who this this guy anyway? I’ll leave that up to Beat Magazine.

Some wunderkind lovechild of Grimes and Skrillex, defining the next wave in DIY dance/rock fusion, Robert Delong is a Seattle-born man child who makes music using – I shit you not – Wii remotes and Sega Genesis controllers. With these scraps of plastic and metal, plus drum pads, synths and MIDI interfaces, he crafts big, soupy bass beats and warped, spine-scraping accents; hunks of fun time electro to make you stamp your feet, met with epic, heartfelt vocals. His voice – a barely-broken, bright-eyed thing – is almost Ben Gibbard-esque in its self-aware sincerity. Excellent.” BEAT

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Four songs I can(‘t) live without.

Last night I felt compelled to write this list of songs. They are somehow connected in my brain, and I didn’t know why. I think the common thread is that I love them, would listen to them on repeat over and over again, but don’t actually have any in my music collection.

Stereo MCs – Step It Up

Smoke City – Underwater Love

Massive Attack – Karmacoma

Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatist

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They Might Be Giants are my favourite band of all time. This clever, impromptu performance on the topic of auro-mandibular evolution says it all.

If you haven’t heard it, be sure to check out Here Comes Science

Source carlzimmer:

They Might Be Giants sing of the evolution of the mammal ear (4/27). A first draft, to be sure, but a promising one. Here’s the article TMBG (were supposed to) read for inspiration, and here’s a picture of how our middle ear bones evolved from reptilian jaw bones. (Lyrics here.)

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I love Tim Minchin’s work. The lyrics, are of course, witty and clever, but I was lucky enough to see a concert of his earlier this year and was stuck by what an accomplished musician he is. This poem is a bit outside his usual style, so you don’t get him on the piano. Just a great beat poem about science and scepticism.


Tim Minchin’s Storm the Animated Movie (by stormmovie) (via

A very funny short movie on a guy meeting a girl who is an alternative medicine supporter at a dinner party. And the protagonist is like me in a LOT of situation (expecially in University), except that I don’t sing.