The Plastic Brain

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I feel bad.

The is an amazing machine. I can say I really liked some bits, but overall it was a bit of a let down….

Gotta respect the hours, dedication and sheer scale of their vision though.


The Word’s Most Complicated Rube Goldberg Machine tells the story of civilization, from beginning to end.

This took 3,500 hours to make. That’s half a year, straight.

Mind = blown.

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YBC 7289 is a small clay disc containing a rough sketch of a square and its diagonals. Across one of the diagonals is scrawled 1,24,51,10 — a sexagesimal number that corresponds to the decimal number 1.4142129, an approximation of the square root of 2. Below is the answer to the problem of calculating the diagonal of a square whose sides are 0.5 units. This bears on the issue of whether the Babylonians had discovered Pythagoras’s theorem some 1,300 years before Pythagoras did.

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