The Plastic Brain

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Insect wings can shred bacteria to pieces! This video shows how a newly discovered nanostructure on the wings of cicadas can rip certain bacterial membranes to shreds. This structure, perfected by nature as a natural defense against dangerous microbes, could be harnessed by humans to create antimicrobial surfaces.

Sometimes nature is our best innovator.

(More at Nature News)

Nanoshred, FTW

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World’s Rarest and Least Known Animals

1) Sea Pig  2) Mudskipper Fish 3) Barrel Eye Fish  4) Coconut Crab  5) Fennec Fox   6) Pangolin  7) Lampreye Eel  8) Vampire Squid  9) Tarsier  10) Star Nosed Mole

This gallery contains 10 photos